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Allergies are weird as heck. You can snap a humans leg in half and they can recover but if you eat this peanut u dead

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imagine a video game where you create a hero whose destiny is to save everyone, but throughout the game you start making harder and more questionable decisions, and the game gets darker and darker. and in the end you’re just standing there, clutching the controller and finally realizing you were playing the villain all along





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arya stark appreciation week. day 3.
favorite relationship: Arya and Jon

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"He’s behind me making that fucking face again. I don’t even have to turn around to know it. God damn it. I hate that goddamned stupid face he makes. God fucking damnit."

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I swear to god, ‘Turn Down for What’ has killed someone. I’ve been at parties that are chill, maybe even winding down, and that song comes on and people take five shots in a row and start throwing chairs in the air. —The dark side of Lil Jon. (via mightequinn)

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"Did you tire of your paramour on the road?"

N e v e r. We share too much.”

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Favorite characters (4/10): Cersei Lannister [x]

Cersei is as gentle as King Maegor, as selfless as Aegon the Unworthy, as wise as Mad Aerys. She never forgets a slight, real or imagined. She takes caution for cowardice and dissent for defiance. And she is greedy. Greedy for power, for honour, for love - Tyrion VI (A Dance with Dragons)

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"I keep coming back here where everything slipped
But I will not spill my guts out”

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barty crouch had to grade tests

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#Chris Pratt?  #More like Christ Pratt

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do you have those shows that you just pretend got cancelled after a certain season/episode and any following episodes just never existed in the first place?

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